Sunday, October 28, 2012

I bought a new laptop...

On October 28, 2012, I finally purchased my new laptop.  I had been reviewing laptops for some time to find the laptop that meets my needs.  I found a few laptops in Best Buy, however, when I went back to buy those laptops they were already removed from the floor.  Best Buy was no longer selling those laptops.  Newer laptops were coming out with Windows 8.  When I finally found a laptop I wanted to buy, the laptop had unfortunately Windows 8 on it.  I bought the laptop in hopes to adapt and learn about Windows 8.  This is not a touch screen laptop and did not have an option to downgrade or have Windows 7 installed.

After arriving home with the new ASUS laptop, Windows 8 problems started to occur right out of the box of turning the system.  Windows 8 new logo shows on the screen and went away.  I sat there looking at a blank screen with no hard drive activity.  I turned off the laptop and tried again.  Then Windows 8 install ran for the first time.  During the Windows 8 installation, I found it confusing on whether it was actually running.  There was an animated circle of dots that kept showing on the screen with no progress indication of time or progress.  I figured with an Intel i5 processor, 8GB of DDR3 memory, and a fast 750GB hard drive, this should not take very long.  Three hours later (as I had to leave for a while) I found Windows 8 showing the same screen.  I restarted Windows 8 to see if the install would complete.

I contacted ASUS Support while the laptop started the installation process again.  This time is seems to run and I continued to hold.  ASUS Support finally answered the phone and I explained the problem.  When Windows 8 installation process had restarted (as it should), I finally had the window showing to create accounts.  The ASUS Support rep told me that if I made it that far, it should complete the installation.  I got off the phone and continued to complete the Windows 8 setup.

When it prompted me to use either a Microsoft Account or Local Account, I selected Local Account.  I read some recent news stories on using a Microsoft Account and the security risk is very high for problems.  I created my Local Account and continued with the setup process.  When Windows 8 starts to create the Local Account, an error message showing "You must log in to create the account".  I found this message puzzling and clicked OK on the message.  Since I was creating the very first and initial account, I figured something went wrong in the setup.  About several minutes later, my Local Account had been created.  I restarted Windows 8 and logged in to the account.

This is when I started to play around with Windows 8 to figure out where Microsoft had changed and hide various tasks and options.