Sunday, December 23, 2012

Another Windows 8 Reset...

After attempting to use Norton 360 and Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, where Norton 360 would not run in Windows (noted in an earlier blog) and Microsoft's tool would not even run in Windows 8 that it supports, I decided to run another Windows 8 Reset.  I figured when I ran the previous Windows 8 Refreshes where it will keep or not keep your personal data, I still needed to run a Windows 8 Reset, I figure just save some time initially.  Now I need to go through all the initial Windows 8 updates, set up, etc. again.

Windows 8 is just a broken operating system.  Hopefully Microsoft will fix Windows 8 eventually, or I (among all other Windows users experiencing problems with Windows 8) will go back to Windows 7.

I am still using my secondary laptop running Linux Mint 14.1 where it has not had any problems.  All the problems relating to the wireless network is definitely with Windows 8.  The other computers running Windows XP and Windows 7, including the Linux system, never has problems with the wireless connection.

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