Saturday, December 22, 2012

Attempting to repair Windows 8...

This is a continuation of the Re-Enabled Windows Updates in Windows 8 blog posting from earlier today.

In attempt to get Windows 8 Pro x64 running less unstable than its current state, I decided to remove Visual Studio 2012 (Web and Desktop) along with SQL Server 2012 versions.  When attempting to uninstall the Visual Studio 2012 Web and Desktop versions, I hoped that they would just uninstall without any problems.  When Microsoft's uninstaller was removing each installation, there were prompts of missing files and Microsoft's Installer unable to access or read various files.  The process of removing the program would fail and I try again and again with the same results, different files.  I restarted Windows 8 each time these would fail to uninstall, and eventually Visual Studio 2012 (Web and Desktop) components eventually uninstalled from Windows 8 Pro x64.  Yes, this took several hours to accomplish.  I never had problem like this before uninstalling Visual Studio.  There were messages that I need to remove the program using an Administrator account.  Well, Windows 8 has only one account and the one account is an Administrator account.

After taking a break from this torturous task of removing Visual Studio 2012, I then selected to remove Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (64-bit).  Surprisingly this uninstalled without any problems from Windows 8 Pro x64.  The removal process took a while to accomplish, however, it seem to uninstall without all the difficulties, error messages, etc. like Visual Studio.

I kept uninstalling other programs that I had installed in Windows 8 just to see if Windows 8 would run better.  This comparison would be hard because Windows 8 has never ran good for me.  Windows 7 on my previous laptop ran great for years and I seldom, if ever, had a problem.  This is not the case for Windows 8.

This attempt to clean up Windows is taking a very long time.  This may eventually lead me in to running another Windows 8 Refresh or Reset on the system.

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