Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Continuing Windows 8 Wireless problems

I use a LinkSys E1200 Wireless-N router with my 10MB Internet connection and there has been no wireless connection issues.  I ran Windows 7 and Windows XP on different laptops using wireless connections without ever having problems.  Based on the wireless usage history, wireless connections were flawless.

On my primary laptop that has Windows 8 Pro x64, wireless connections have continuously experience connection problems and unable to connect back to wireless network(s) if Windows 8 has been in stand-by (or sleep) mode.  I found only a restart of Windows 8 allows the wireless connection to get established again.

While the Windows 8 Pro x64 system currently cannot to the wireless network, I found lifting up the lid on the secondary laptop running Linux Mint 14.1 re-established the wireless connection to the network.  When comparing Internet connections, mostly wireless, between Windows 8 Pro and Linux Mint 14.1, Mint seems to work better.

According to Windows 8, the wireless network is not available and it shows full strength wireless connection for the network.  How can Windows 8 indicate that the wireless network is not available when it shows it in the available list of networks.  This is showing how buggy and flawed Windows 8 is on wireless connections.  Microsoft does not care to address or fix this issue.  When I talked to Microsoft Support about this issue, they said that it is the hardware and I may need to replace it.  Well, the hardware (router) is good as other laptops connect just fine and use the wireless Internet connection.  Then they told me to run a Windows 8 Reset, which completely reloads Windows 8 back to factory on the system.  Possibly the wireless network card driver may not have loaded correctly.  After doing a Windows 8 Reset once, this did not correct the problem.  Microsoft and ASUS Support teams had no clue what could be wrong.

You have to restart Windows 8 whenever the wireless connections get disconnected in Windows while other devices work fine on the wireless connection.

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