Sunday, December 2, 2012

Linux Mint 14.1, fast and not bad...

Since I have installed Linux Mint 14.1 on the secondary laptop (Intel i3, 2.3GHz, 8GB DDR3 memory, 500GB SATA hard drive), I am starting to like Mint.  I still have Windows 8 Pro running on the primary laptop, however, it seems my usage of Mint on the secondary laptop increased.  Although I am still installing and setting up programs that I currently run in Windows (7 and 8) to what is available in Mint.  This also accounts for features for playing videos, accessing various network shares and the printer.

In Mint I installed WINE 1.4.1, which installed without any problems, and was able to install a game that I play in Windows.  I was able to install Bejewel 3 in WINE and the game runs, so far, without any problems.  I thought I would get WINE installed in case I need to install other Windows programs.  I do have Microsoft Office 2010 installed in Windows, including LibreOffice 3.6.3 in Windows.  Mint has LibreOffice installed for the Office suite.  I know I can use Microsoft created documents in LibreOffice in both Windows and Linux versions.

I started to think about the Windows based programs I use that may not be available in Linux, and so far I have not found any.  I know there are business programs are not available, and I do not have any business programs installed in Windows (such as QuickBooks, Quicken, etc.).  There are alternatives available in Linux.  Those alternatives may not be sufficient enough for you to use in Linux compared to the Windows version.

I came across a ZDNet article where someone bought a good HP laptop that has Windows 8 pre-installed and decided to install Linux (Fedora, Linux Mint, and Ubuntu).  There are more of these types of news stories showing up on the Internet.  You should not get overly energized from the drop Windows 8 hype.  Make sure you read the article where they make a true comparison between Windows 8 and Linux on what they do on both systems.

Once Fedora 18 (final) comes out, I may switch back to Fedora as I have used this Linux flavour for many years.

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