Saturday, December 22, 2012

Re-Enabled Windows Updates in Windows 8...

In Windows 8 after running a Windows 8 Reset, where it puts the laptop back to factory installation on the system, I decided to disable (or turn off) automatic updates in Windows Update.

Windows 8 has been running somewhat stable with the ongoing wireless connectivity issues, frequent crashes where Windows 8 shows a message bar across the screen that a problem has been detected, and more annoying problems.  I never had these problems when I ran Windows 7 and Windows XP.  I avoided Windows Vista completely as it was an awful operating system.

I ran Windows Update in the Control Panel where I downloaded all the available updates.  In a month's time I would not think that there would be so many updates, but there were many updates (over 300MB+ worth).  While the updates were installing, Windows 8 encountered a serious error where I had to restart Windows.  I guess Windows 8 did not restarting in the middle of installing updates.  This same gaudy bar of a Windows came up a few more times where Windows just restarted.  Eventually Windows 8 did start up to the Desktop, or Modern UI, where I ran Windows Update again.  When I tried to instal the remaining updates, Windows Update prompted to restart the system (AGAIN!).  This time Windows 8 went through a repair process and rolled back previously installed updates.  This ran for some time.

At this point Windows 8 had rolled back the previous updates and ran some type of repair on fixing the system.  Due to Microsoft's vague and plain windows of information, I had no idea what had been running on the system.  After several more restarts of Windows 8 throughout the repair and rollback process, I was able to get back in to Windows Update to install updates.  Now there was nearly 450MB of updates available.  While those updates were installing, Windows Update restarted Windows without any prompting of any sort.  When Windows 8 came up to the Desktop again, Windows Update automatically completing the installation of the updates.

Now various programs such as Microsoft Office 2010 (Word, Excel, OneNote), Adobe Reader 10.1.4, and a few other small utilities I had to reinstall.  Uninstalling and installing Adobe Reader and the small utilities were no problem.  Office 2010 went through a repair process, restarted Windows 8 several times, and now all my previous settings in Office 2010 are no longer available.

I also found that Visual Studio 2012, which I recently installed (see this LINK on my blog), will no longer run without crashing or showing a dialog window that Visual Studio 2012 is not compatible in Windows 8.

Furthermore, I noticed in the Modern UI that the Start menu Tiles are no longer showing.  When I press the Windows Key on the keyboard to toggle between the Modern UI and Desktop mode, the Tiles do briefly and quickly show, but do not remain showing when I go back to the Modern UI.  With all the restarts of Windows 8, I thought the Start menu in Modern UI interface would show, but they do not.  I tried clicking in the area where the Tiles show just in case they were still accessible, and there was no indication from the mouse pointer that any items where clickable, and I was unable to run any programs.  When I pressed the Windows Key again, the Desktop mode did appear where I could run the programs that were still running in Windows 8.

The past two months with Windows 8 has been awful where these multitude of problems just keep occurring.  I have already ran Windows 8 Resets many times where the operating system does not run any better.  Microsoft and ASUS Support always tells me to either run a Windows 8 Refresh or Reset when I call about any questions or problems.  I guess they know Windows 8 is so broken that there is no attempts to even fix a problem.

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