Monday, December 3, 2012

Using Linux Mint 14

I am continuing the use of Linux Mint 14 on the secondary laptop where the usual tasks that I do in Windows are now accomplished in Linux.  Mint seems more user friendly where possibly some average computer users would be able to get Mint installed and some devices configured, such as printers or scanners.

I used Mint's Package Manager and Software Manager to install various programs that I use or other packages needed.  I used both to get the feel of both programs, however, you could use either one.  I also open Terminal to use the apt-get and other command-line utilities and commands.  Using Terminal command line commands is nothing like the old DOS days.  You can actually accomplish various tasks through Terminal.

Although I did not initially like MATE's Menu layout, I am getting used to the bulky wide Menu when compared to Windows 7 or Windows XP Start menu layout.  I may install another Desktop, such as XFCE, later.  One advantage of Linux, you can always change to another Desktop environment if the default install environment is not right for you.  This is not possible in Windows.

I will try to write more later about Linux Mint 14.  I still use Windows 8 on my primary laptop, however, I may try to dual boot Linux Mint 14 and Windows 8 on my primary laptop.

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