Sunday, December 23, 2012

Windows 8 ongoing repair process, Norton 360

After finally uninstalling Visual Studio 2012 along with SQL Server 2012 Express versions in Windows 8 Pro x64, the system continued to experience unusual slowness and locks ups.  I could be browsing a web site or opening a document in Microsoft Word 2010, for example, and the system would just lock up for about three minute.  The lock up time varies and then the system would run again.  Each time Windows 8 would lock up, I tried to open Task Manager and it would also not open right away until the system would start running again.

I updated Windows Defender in Windows 8 and ran a full scan.  No problems found based on Windows Defender.  I thought there may be a virus on the system or some type of malware program.  Some times I do not trust Windows Defender in Windows 8 results.  Windows Defender has never found any problems and that is unusual for Windows Defender.  In Windows 7, Microsoft Security Essentials would show some type of message that it scanned or caught something running, and the past two months Windows Defender has never shown anything.  This may be valid, but it is unusual for Windows.

I downloaded Norton 360 and installed it in Windows 8 Pro x64.  I ran LiveUpdate after installation to get all the updated product updates.  LiveUpdate ran about three different times to get all the updates.  The final set of updates from LiveUpdate prompted to restart Windows 8.  After restarting Windows 8, Norton 360 icon showed an icon in the Taskbar area while in Windows 8 Desktop mode.  I normally run everything in Windows 8 Desktop mode as I do not like the Modern UI interface.  Each time I would try to run a virus scan using Norton 360, the Symantec Framework would crash and Norton 360 would no longer be running.  When I try to run Norton 360 again, it would not run.  I then uninstalled and re-installed Norton 360, ran through all the updates via LiveUpdate, and this would result in the same problem.  The Symantec Framework would always crash causing Norton 360 to no longer run.

I posted about this problem in Norton Community.  Hopefully there is a workaround or solution to this problem.

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