Sunday, March 3, 2013

Continued Windows 8 problems...

I noticed lately that my use of Windows 8 Pro x64 on the primary laptop has dramatically dropped based on my past usage of Windows 7 and Windows XP.  After using Windows 8 and constantly encountering problems, I used Linux Mint 14.1 more on the secondary laptop to get other tasks accomplished.  This includes reading various news web sites, doing tasks in LibreOffice (Writer, Calc, etc.), and not needing to spending time on fixing problems caused from installed updates.  Windows 8 has numerously crashed after installing updates from Windows Update and Office 2010 Word and Excel has unexplainable problems opening and at times saving documents.

The past week or so Windows 8 has always shown the blue bar across the screen either indicating a problem has occurred and Windows needs to restart for some unknown reason.  After numerous restarts of Windows 8, for whatever the reason that caused the problem, it has stopped.  Unexplainable events keep occurring in Windows 8 and I am getting tired of wasting time on trying to fix something that cannot be fixed or strangely the problem stops occurring (which is good, but like to know what caused it to either fix it or prevent it from occurring again).

Based on the various news media articles I have read on Windows 8, the adoption of Windows 8 is very slow and Microsoft still seems set to releasing Windows Blue later this year based on Windows 8.  If Windows 8 is not getting adopted, I wonder how Windows Blue will be any different.

Linux Mint 14.1 on the secondary laptop continues to run including installing Linux updates when needed without any problems.  I have not yet needed to restart Linux after installing updates, which is different when compared to Windows.  Linux continues to run, install updates without any problems, and none of the programs that I use in Linux seem to crash or have problems when compared to programs installed in Windows 8.